Value Proposition

Why Model-Based Systems Engineering?

MBSE begins with capturing the system specification in a single digital model. With this “single source of truth”,

  • Consistent and correct systems engineering documents can be generated quickly and easily at need.
  • Information, both in terms of content and significance, can be transferred more efficiently from project phase to project phase, organization to organization.
  • Models can be queried for system performance, cost, risk and completion status.
  • System development can proceed with fewer errors, less ambiguity and better management control.

Why Intercax?

We are experts in the model-based systems engineering field. Intercax is the leading global provider of model-based engineering software, consulting, research and training across multiple industries including Defense, Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing. At Intercax, we do not believe that MBSE requires organizations to adopt a whole new software toolset or engineering process. Our cost-effective technologies help our clients retain their existing tools and add best-in-class new tools as needed. Intercax focuses on implementing specific high-value use cases by connecting tools within an extensible framework that can expand capabilities as need arises. Our systems solutions enable our clients to make smart, game-changing decisions about their business to stay competitive, innovative and focused on the future.

  • For companies already using SysML modeling tools, Intercax can help connect them to simulation, CAD, PLM and databases.
  • For companies currently based on PLM and CAD, Intercax can add requirements and functional analysis to their engineering approach.
  • For everyone, Intecax’s reliance on open standards offer a cost-effective path forward, with less risk of tool obsolescence.

As your partner, we help you utilize model-based engineering systems to solve your most complex problems – quickly, accurately and cost efficiently. We are a trusted solution for our clients throughout the entire MBSE lifecycle from development to testing, to implementation and training.