Solvea™ is the SysML parametric solver and integrator add-in for Enterprise Architect. With Solvea™, system engineers can execute SysML parametric models in Enterprise Architect to compute system performance, cost, reliability, and other measures-of-effectiveness; setup and perform automated requirements verification; and run automated trade studies to select best-in-class alternatives.

The Solvea™ – Excel® connection makes it easy to import/export data and generate graphs and charts. The MATLAB/Simulink® connection and the custom Mathematica® connection allow users to wrap existing MATLAB M-files and Mathematica functions as SysML constraint blocks, build high-fidelity SysML parametric models, and execute them in the context of the system-of-interest. Solvea™ orchestrates multiple solvers when executing parametric models.

Solvea™ is available in Standard and Pro editions. Solvea™ R1 is the first release of the Solvea™ add-in for Enterprise Architect. Download and get started with Solvea today.

SysML Parametrics and Solvea™

Effective development of complex systems requires a means to compute, verify, and track the measures-of-effectiveness (MoEs) of a system, such as performance, risk, and cost on a continuing basis. Parametrics is one of the four pillars of SysML and provides system engineers a mechanism to define math-based relationships between the system MoEs and the design variables at different levels of abstraction. These math-based relationships are represented as reusable constraint blocks, which could represent simple linear algebraic equations or wrap externally-defined models, such as MATLAB/Simulink models, Mathematica functions, Excel spreadsheets, and even finite-element analysis models.

In general, SysML parametrics provides a powerful and extensible means to represent relationships between diverse models in a descriptive manner. By executing parametric models, Solvea™ makes it possible to do the following and much more.

Compute system performance, cost, reliability, and other MoEs

Compute system performance, cost, reliability and other measures-of-effectiveness (MoEs) by defining parametric models relating MoEs to system design variables, and executing parametric models using Solvea™ for alternative system designs and architectures.Top

Wrap and reuse externally-defined models and codes

Wrap MATLAB/Simulink models and Mathematica functions as SysML constraint blocks and compose them with other functions to build and execute high-fidelity parametric analysis models. Solvea™ orchestrates the execution of externally-defined models.Top

Run automated trade studies

Find best-in-class system system design/architecture alternatives by setting up and executing a trade study using Solvea™ which will execute parametric models for an entire set of design alternatives and export results to spreadsheets. With SysML parametrics and Solvea™, uncertainty in system design can be used to compute uncertainty in system MoEs and other performance, cost, and reliability parameters.Top

Verify requirements

Automatically verify requirements by modeling text-based requirements as equations, creating parametric models to connect them to system variables and MoEs, and executing the parametric models using Solvea™.Top

Verify design constraints

Verify system design constraints by defining parametric models to represent these constraints, and executing them using Solvea™.Top

Sync diverse aspects of system models

Sync diverse aspects of a system model (such as logical and physical, hardware and software) by defining parametric models that relate the properties of each model, and executing the parametric models using Solvea™.Top