Syndeia 3.6 Release, Part 6: Digital Thread Project Graph Query Libraries

In this blog series, we continue our series on new analytical and reporting capabilities in Syndeia 3.6 for the Syndeia Web Dashboard. Graph analysis has been a key piece of Syndeia for several years. Users could enter queries for their digital thread and get real-time answers about relationships between model elements, even when the project scope encompassed millions of data points. These could be frequently asked questions (FAQs) that could be run each day for project management, project meetings or design reviews. But in previous releases of Syndeia, these queries could not be conveniently stored or distributed.

Query libraries, new in Syndeia 3.6, provide a powerful capability for project leads to develop collections of digital thread queries that can be executed on demand or automatically via the API. Query authors familiar with the Gremlin graph query language can develop, test, validate and save collections of project-specific Gremlin graph queries that can be run by all participants on the Digital Thread Project. Users without that graph query expertise can run a single query or an entire collection and visualize results in the dashboard. Feature-rich controls for managing queries and visualization of results are available on the dashboard.

Query libraries are accessible from the Explore > Queries tab of the Digital Thread Project Dashboard, as shown in Figure 1. This page includes capabilities for the query author to enter, test, edit, clone and store queries and capabilities for the query users to run and download results in graphical, tabular and JSON format. Syndeia 3.6 has also added extensive graphical controls to modify the visual appearance of the results.

Syndeia Web Browser, DTP Dashboard, Explore tab, Queries subtab
Figure 1  Syndeia Web Browser, DTP Dashboard, Explore tab, Queries subtab

The Graph Queries page, launched from the icon in the main control bar, is still available in Syndeia 3.6 and has enhanced graphical control settings.

In the forthcoming Part 7, we will discuss the new Baselines feature in Syndeia 3.6, taking advantage of the configuration-managed Syndeia inter-model relations database to track changes in the digital thread over time.

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Dirk Zwemer

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